What's Hiro Playing - ep.1

What's Hiro Playing?

Episode 1 (September, 2021)

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#StayInspired (Aug 2021) No. 1

Every Friday, we share videos on Facebook that keep us inspired. Iconic performances by legendary pianists and guitarists; brilliant content creators who keep innovating through technology, culture, and skill; virtuosic performers who found themselves in other genres; even local performers…

#NewRepWed (Aug 2021): ABC Composers

Every Wednesday, we share score-following videos to our Facebook and host discussions about piano and guitar repertoire that may be exciting to learn. Check out our recommendations and follow us for more curation by our team of educators! #NewRepWed


#CMECdiscuss (Aug 2021): Benefits of Online Learning

This past year has taught us a lot (whether we liked it or not).

One of the benefits of being a co-op of teachers is that we're independent studios, but we still rely on each other and work together to…

Virtual Recitals

This past year, Cockeysville Music hosted three series of Digital Recitals via YouTube live. 

Students were asked to record themselves from their homes the week before the event, then these videos were stitched together and streamed "live" at a scheduled…