Amanda Rogel

Oboe, English Horn - Voice

Amanda Rogel is an oboist, English Hornist, and vocalist from Bowie, MD. She is a current Towson University student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Vocal Music Education. Surrounding by music her entire life, Amanda has been playing oboe for 14 years. In addition to playing locally, Amanda has performed at Carnegie Hall and throughout Europe. 

An avid oboist, Amanda is also a budding vocalist, taking private lessons for the past four years. She has performed with the Towson University Chorale and Women’s Choir, as well as her local church choirs. She currently studies with Leneida Crawford, a decorated mezzo-soprano known internationally.

Amanda teaches Oboe, English Horn, and Voice. She accepts students of all skill levels and differing goals. A major point of Amanda’s teachings is based on the health of the student and instrument combined. She believes in teaching the healthy way always, as music is a lifelong experience.  

Amanda lives in the Towson area. When Amanda is not studying for classes, she enjoys playing video games, listening to new music, and coloring mandalas. 

Teaching Philosophy

As a young educator, I believe all students, regardless of skill level, can perform music. Music is for everyone, of all ages, of all backgrounds, of all identities. My goal is to create a safe and enjoyable space for my students where they feel comfortable to learn and grow as musicians. 

I aim to keep my studio as fun as I can, while sticking to the goals each student wants to achieve. I will tailor each plan to each student, as not all musicians want to sound the same! Regardless of musical style, I will ensure my students are performing in a healthy manner first and foremost. Teaching this as a base allows each student to explore any genre without fear of harm to their instrument, which I personally believe is the most important skill a musician can learn.  

I will work with any skill level and go at each student’s pace. We can spend as much or as little time on whatever the student wants to focus on. As the teacher, I cannot make their own goals, I can only facilitate and guide them in their preferred direction. I am always here to bounce ideas on and introduce my students to new musical ideas, as to broaden their minds. Musicians are never finished learning, as there is always something new to create, replicate, or expand on!


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