Co-op: a model for teaching and for learning

Many traditional music schools are hierarchical by design. An owner or director takes responsibility for all business concerns, and hire teachers as employees, paying them an hourly wage (usually considerably less than the student pays for lessons.) 

We’re not like that. 

Think of us as a music teacher co-op. Our teachers take care of the business aspects directly, including the advertising, communication, and finances. There’s no owner or director or middle-man taking their own cut. All income goes to individual teachers who then contribute to operating expenses. Much like being a small business owner, it’s a bit more work, but there are great advantages for those who want their independence in how they run their business. 

With no corporate business model to abide by, our teachers have the freedom to run their own studio as we each see fit. We set our own schedules and follow our own teaching philosophies. The result? We have tight-knit relationships with our students; our students work at their own pace and define their musical successes in different ways; and teachers can personalize the music experience. 

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