Adult Music Lessons

Many adults are timid about approaching private lessons. We are often asked if we offer music lessons for students that aren't children.  Our answer is always an enthusiastic “yes!” Sometimes adults feel intimidated about trying an instrument because they are self conscious about being beginners. Some are nervous about returning to lessons after years away. Some are needlessly worried that it's harder for adults to learn. 

You can shed all those fears! The stigmas are all easy to overcome, and well worth giving it the chance. Making music is a rewarding activity that you can enjoy at any age. Music is part of our environment from birth.   Our exposure to it is a lifelong journey that we can actively participate in any time we choose. 

It's a myth that it's harder for adults to learn. The reality is simply that adults have a different experience with lessons than children. Adult students are often working with busy schedules, juggling jobs and family obligations. Our faculty are all aware of this and can help you figure out your best path to success. We are supportive and encouraging, we can customize lessons to meet your needs and schedules. 

Teaching materials and styles, intellectually appropriate for adults are available.  We offer flexible lesson schedules to fit your busy day. Daytime and evening hours are available to work around your hectic schedule.  You can even come in on your lunch hour or on your way to work! It's never too late to fulfill your desire to make music!