Online Lessons

Not only are online lessons equally as effective as in-person learning, our faculty has discovered all of these hidden advantages!

  • INCREASED FOCUS. Students (and parents) are much more engaged and attentive during lessons. This 1:1 format does not allow for minds to wander.
  • BETTER MUSIC READING. As students take more ownership of the learning, they develop noticeably better reading skills. Instead of relying on an instructor to mark their scores, or point out locations in the score, students are guided to do these things for themselves.  This results in a deeper understanding of how the printed page works, and what the symbols mean.
  • SELF-AWARENESS. Students can switch their screens to see themselves play. This is an amazing tool for body awareness while playing! Posture and playing technique are much more easily learned when seeing yourself vs. trying to jut copy your teacher.  As a result, great musicality is more easily achieved.
  • ORGANIZATION AND EFFICIENCY. By not having to pack up material for transport to a lesson, no lesson time is spent unpacking. Student arrive at lessons ready to play with no worries of having forgotten anything! The result is more actual learning time, and more efficient use of time with your teacher.
  • You are always in the comfort of your own home. No commute, no rush-hour traffic, just turn on your device and you’re ready!
  • INSTRUMENT CONSISTENCY. There is no frustration caused by practicing on a different instrument than you must use at lesson.
  • RECORD YOUR LESSON. Online lessons are easily recorded for reference throughout the practice week. There is no need to “remember” what your teacher told or showed you!  Pulling up the recording for immediate reference allows students to always know exactly what and how to practice.  This leads to more productive practice and a faster rate of progress.
  • MORE PERSONALIZED LEARNING. Teachers see and hear your practice instrument and environment. This allows us to do a much better just of addressing each student’s specific needs.
  • You are no longer limited to a local teacher. You can choose the best teacher for you!
  • SPECIAL NEEDS. Students with unique learning needs often struggle with transitions. Online lessons keep those students in their own comfortable environment. 
  • HOMESCHOOLER BENEFITS. Homeschool families can move easily from any subject to their music lesson. Siblings can continue their learning uninterrupted by travel.
  • MILITARY FAMILY BENEFITS. Families that move often can have a consistent teacher. No more need to find or adjust to a new instructor with each move.