#CMECdiscuss (Aug 2021): Benefits of Online Learning

This past year has taught us a lot (whether we liked it or not).

One of the benefits of being a co-op of teachers is that we're independent studios, but we still rely on each other and work together to help each other create the best environment for each student. During the early days of Covid, that meant we all innovated in the ways that made sense for each of us, but then came together to discuss best practices and test tech solutions. Over the next few months, we started noticing and discussing that there were a growing list of (perhaps hidden) benefits of online learning.

[read the presentation prepared by piano teacher Alec Davis for a local MTNA teacher's meeting]

Throughout July and August, Monday posts on Facebook have prompted discussions about some of these benefits. Here are a few of them with some anecdotes attached. Feel free to discuss here or on Facebook!

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