#StayInspired (Aug 2021) No. 1

Every Friday, we share videos on Facebook that keep us inspired. Iconic performances by legendary pianists and guitarists; brilliant content creators who keep innovating through technology, culture, and skill; virtuosic performers who found themselves in other genres; even local performers and ensembles who are inspiring others in our own backyard! Sometimes, we all need some well-curated lists to #StayInspired. 

Remember, all these folks were once students (just like you). Keep practicing.

August, 2021 - Issue #1

Evgeny Kissin


"On the 10th of August 1997, Evgeny Kissin played the first solo recital in the 103-year history of the London Promenade Concerts. It was a Sunday afternoon in the second hottest August since records began but Kissin nevertheless drew the biggest Prom audience in all of those 103 years. As if that were not enough Kissin ended his recital with the longest succession of encores in the entire history of the Proms." 

Perhaps you've heard of Beethoven's "Rage Over a Lost Penny" - listen to this iconic performance of it, from a legendary concert (and while you're here, listen to all the other incredible encores).

Don't forget, even Evgeny started out as a student (just like you). Stay Inspired, keep practicing.


Jacob Collier


Jacob Collier is a British musician and producer who is famous for his amazing arrangements on YouTube (which he began creating as a teen) and brilliant music theory brain. This Grammy winning kid is at the perfect intersection of creativity, technology, skill, and pure love of music. Check out this arrangement of his, a duet with a piano that plays itself, and post some of your favorites if you've seen his other videos!

Don't forget, even Jacob started out as a student (just like you). Stay Inspired, keep practicing.


Ana Vidovic

#ClassicalGuitar #LocalMusicians

Ana Vidovic is considered one of the greatest classical guitarists in the world! She is from Croatia, but did you know she studied at Peabody Conservatory? (right here in Baltimore!) This is an excerpt from a 2015 performance in Germany; try finding some others from the same concert and post your favorite! 

Don't forget, even Ana started out as a student (just like you). Stay Inspired, keep practicing.


Anderson & Roe Duo


Anderson & Roe goes far beyond just playing great duet music together, they also arrange a lot of it themselves, like this Ragtime infused Mozart! These two Julliard grads definitely include fun, creativity, and absolutely tremendous skill in all they do. Check out the other videos on their YouTube - everything from Stravinsky to Star Wars!

Don't forget, even Greg and Elizabeth started out as students (just like you). Stay Inspired, keep practicing.

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