Piano Lessons for Children and Adults

Cockeysville Music Education Center has several piano teachers on staff who provide specialized piano lessons. Children as well as adults benefit from our tailored music lessons, designed to teach beginners the basics, as well as to help more advanced pianists hone their skills.

The benefits of working with a piano teacher  for students of any age are numerous and extend beyond the instrument or music itself. The peripheral skills acquired become valuable lifelong assets.

·         Problem Solving & Critical Thinking. Studies show children who take piano lessons perform better with their schoolwork. Students learn to analyze material presented and reach appropriate solutions with logical, deductive reasoning skills. The interpretation of symbols builds strength in all symbol systems such as math, language and science.

·         Confidence. Piano lessons raise self-esteem. Mastering a new skill or song can boost confidence just as much as winning at sports. The process of acquiring mastery of each step creates a style of self- analysis that allows positive progress with any task we undertake in life.

·         Coordination.  The increased hand-eye coordination and dexterity will transfer to many other aspects of life, including sports!.

·         Concentration. Piano lessons help students learn to focus. Reading and playing music requires both critical and creative thinking, skills. Learning to integrate our thinking processes will always assist with anything we choose to do in life.

·         Well-rounded. Piano lessons expose students to classical music they might not hear otherwise. In addition, the skills students learn from piano will always help them with any other instrument they choose to play.

·         Communication.  Playing music helps improve listening and communication skills by cultivating feelings and thoughts in a non-verbal manner. Working with a piano teacher helps guide a student in the development of these skills.

·         Memory.  Learning to play the piano results in enhanced memory skills. The information we retain and retrieve while learning and playing any piece of music builds pathways our brain uses to retain and retrieve information in all facets of life.

·         Outlet for Life. Playing any instrument is a form of personal expression that a student will always have ready for their enjoyment and usage. The understanding and appreciation for the art of music is something students then carry throughout their lives.

The faculty at Cockeysville Music happily teaches piano lessons to students of any age. We strive to help our students feel at ease, and treat them with respect. We want you to have a lifelong appreciation of music, whether you’re just starting out, or working to improve your skills.

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