Jacques-Pierre Malan

Cello Lessons

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Cellist Jacques-Pierre Malan, an internationally acclaimed soloist and collaborative performer from South Africa, is steadily gaining recognition as a dedicated teacher whose students are rapidly reaching their potential as musicians.

Malan’s performance experience is vast, spanning Europe, Africa, and across the USA, landing him in Carnegie hall and performing solo concertos with the Midatlantic Symphony Orchestra, Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic, Johannesburg Philharmonic, Capetown Philharmonic, Peabody Conductors Orchestra and the Free State Symphony Orchestra. 

Having completed his Master’s degree in Performance and Music Pedagogy at Peabody Conservatory and returning to the United States on an O1 Visa for Extraordinary Ability in the Arts, Malan has spent the last three years tirelessly working to provide unparalleled performances, innovative projects, and uncompromising dedication to energizing and uplifting audiences, students, and musicians alike. Some recent projects of note include founding Baltimore String Quartets and Trios, a business that pairs upscale event planners with elite musicians, and Creative Concert Group, which produces visionary concert programs never been done before, including the Dvorak Cello Concerto performed with String Quartet, which Mr. Malan premiered in Washington DC. Mr. Malan has been hired as artist in residence at the Embassy Series, which, through putting on performances at embassies from all over the world, aims to unite people through musical diplomacy, and has also recently been invited to join the renowned the Serafin Ensemble roster.

As a teacher, Mr. Malan utilizes his knowledge of the music world and impeccable technical abilities on the cello, and pairs it with his intuitive personality and creativity to foster a tailored experience for every student which will allow them to thrive as both performers and human beings. He teaches musicians of all ages, from beginner level to professional. He maintains a thriving private studio which also involves regular studio performance classes, a cello ensemble, and student concerts that are open to the public and result in audience standing room only. 

In addition to his private studio teaching, Malan also teaches masterclasses and lessons at the Woodbridge Music Academy. Past notable teaching experiences include leading masterclasses at the Delaware School of Music, Waldorf School of Music, Free State University of South Africa, Chitaqua Music Festival, and Kimberly Academy. 

Mr. Malan is honored to join the Cockesville Music Education Center as cello teacher, and looks forward to contributing his experience and passion for teaching to this renowned facility.

Learn more about Jacques-Pierre Malan by visiting his website at creativecello.com.

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