Playing Guitar in Public

So now that you have some guitar lessons under your belt, and you’ve practiced playing the basics with your guitar teacher, you believe you are ready to play guitar out in a live environment. That could be your church, your school, a local park, local coffee house, an Open Mic night or somewhere else amateurs are encouraged. Talk to your teacher about any performance opportunities you might be interested in and see if they have any recommendations about places to play and what songs/pieces to play.

At the performance make sure youhave taken care of the following:

  • Guitar is in tune
  • Comfortable Chair
  • Music stand (to hold your sheet music for chords and lyrics)
  • Microphone & Amp (if a larger location)
  • Who is the singer (Can you sing or are you bringing someone to sing with you)
  • Are you playing with other musicians? - make sure you are all tuned to the same tuning device/instrument

If you’re looking to get out and play guitar in public Google open mic night, you’ll find a variety of places to play, including restaurants, bars, coffee shops, universities and more; open Mic Baltimore is a great resource.

You might also consider playing at church services, parties and more. If what you love is playing the guitar and you want to be a performer, do it. You never know what is going to happen until you try, and you may find that you have been missing out on something really great for a long time.