Guitar Lessons for Children and Adults

Guitar Lessons are a great way for beginners to get acquainted with music or for more experienced players to polish their skills or explore a new musical avenue.

Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons, or more advanced lessons if you already play, this is the perfect instrument for the curious student. From Bach to Jimi Hendrix to tomorrow's big hit, the guitar sounds great in any musical style.  Since almost every culture in the world has developed instruments much like the guitar, there's no limit to the musical exploring you can do once you learn how to play guitar!   And, of course, music lessons are one of the greatest gifts you can give a loved one or yourself.

Not only can a guitar teacher help you learn to play, appreciate, and enjoy music, but they also help build skills that benefit us in all facets of life.


·         Critical Thinking. Studies show children who take guitar lessons perform better in school. Students learn to analyze material presented and reach appropriate solutions with logical, deductive reasoning skills. The interpretation of symbols builds strength in all symbol systems such as math, language and science.

·         Confidence. guitar lessons raise self-esteem. Mastering a new skill or song can boost confidence just as much as winning at sports. The process to acquire mastery of each step creates a style of self- analysis that allows positive progress with any task we undertake in life.

·         Focus. Guitar lessons help students learn to concentrate better. Reading and playing music requires both critical and creative thinking, skills that will assist with anything we choose to do in life.

·         Memory.  Learning to play the guitar results in enhanced memory skills. The information we retain and retrieve while learning and playing any piece of music builds pathways our brain uses to retain and retrieve information in all facets of life.

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