Acoustic Pickups

Acoustic guitar pickups are devices that capture, or pick up, the vibrations from stringed instruments and convert them to an electrical signal that can be broadcast and amplified. We’d like to offer a few tips on how to choose an acoustic guitar pickup.

When it’s time to amplify, there are two top considerations.

  1. Will it negatively affect my sound?
  2. Will I have to modify my guitar?

There are numerous types and brands of acoustic guitar pickups available, at varying prices. Do your research online to see what you think will work for you, and weigh the pros and cons of each. Before you purchase a pickup, see if you can try out acoustic guitar pickups where you take your guitar lessons, try one your friend uses, or even take one for a test drive at your local music supply shop.

Ditch the Mic

Acoustic guitars are, by design, large resonant chambers that push sound and air out the soundhole. Putting a mic in front of the soundhole is the simplest amplification answer, but acoustic guitars are notoriously difficult to amplify with microphones. The result is often feedback, muddiness, and inconsistent amplified volume as you move back and forth near the mic's sweet spot.

With acoustic guitar pickups, the true tone of your guitar comes shining through loud enough, without you having to worry about feedback. And, you can move around to your music instead of being glued to the mic.

Types of Acoustic Guitar Pickups

  • ·Magnetic Soundhole Pickups
  • ·Contact Pickups
  • “Under the Saddle” Pickups


There are two basic types of acoustic guitar pickups as far as mounting goes. Permanent, and quick mount. Permanent mounting requires drilling into your guitar for mounting pickups and output jacks. Quick mount means that they require no modifications to your guitar at all, and are easily removable. The various types of pickups mount on different parts of the guitar.