Bonding with your instrument



I had a fellow teacher tell me years ago that when she finishes her lessons or practicing for the day she gently closes they key cover and tells her piano goodnight.  This loving mental picture has stayed with me ever since.


I'm more the type to leave my instruments open and sitting out.  I like the feeling that I can look at, play or just touch them any time I go by even if just for a moment.  They are always there for me.


It occurred to me just how much each of us are demonstrating  in our unique ways the bond we have with our instruments.  They are a part of who we are who we will become as we travel through our lives.


Students develop this bond as they learn and grow as musicians.  Sure at first using an instrument is an activity and a tool in the learning process.  But as learning progresses and playing becomes more natural, this bond grows.  


Instruments aren't just things. They are escapes, forms of expression, outlets, mental gyms, carriers of pieces of ourselves.  


What a great gift you give yourself or your child by learning an instrument!